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This is the Anatomy-2A Student-Run Webpage.


-by MJ Garcia

Histology Slides shown in Tutorial Session 01/20/06

  Powerpoint Presentation     Anatomy_2A_Part_I.ppt(3.1MB)     Anatomy_2A_Part_II.ppt(2.7MB)  
  Zip file (requires WinZip)     Amy2A Part     Amy2A Part  

The powerpoint presentations are better because I included what each type of tissue is in the presentations. If you don't have Powerpoint and choose to download the ZIP files, you will need the compression program WinZip. When you unzip the files, you will have to look for a text document called "key to slides.txt", find the number that corresponds to the filename, and determine what tissue the slides refers to.

Tutorial Appointment Information:

Definite Appointment Meetings
Day Starts Ends Location
  Fridays     10:00am     12:00pm     ST108  

Can you identify this tissue?

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