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The Skeletal System

Here are most of the movements you will have to consider:
  Ball & Socket     Condyloid     Saddle     Hinge     Pivot     Gliding  
  Flexion     Flexion     Opposition     Flexion     Lateral Rotation  
  Extension     Extension     Reposition     Extension     Medial Rotation  
  Adduction     Hyperextension     Adduction     Hyperextension     Supination (Forearm only) 
  Abduction     Adduction     Abduction         Pronation (Forearm only) 
  Circumduction     Abduction  
  Medial Rotation     Circumduction  
  Lateral Rotation  

Other Joints
  Temporomandibular     Ankle (Talocrural)     Sternoclavicular  
  Elevation     Dorsiflexion     Elevation  
  Depression     Plantarflexion     Depression  
  Protraction     Inversion  
  Retraction     Eversion  
  Medial Excursion      
  Lateral Excursion